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It is a personal blog, where the blogger intends to share his ideas, views and work with the people. He is an aspiring writer and is an author to be of a novel, “The Gratifying Nay.” He also writes about critical issues happening in society and is linked with a newspaper.

Apart from that, he has a keen interest in science, especially cosmology. He writes poetry, prose, newspaper articles, short stories, and fiction.

He is the voice of voiceless and speaks for the oppressed. He also wishes to help the struggling writers, to share there work on a public platform, by providing them a platform to speak and share their views. He is open to all who want their work to be recognized and shared with the people.


How to Write a Creative Novel

The very first thing that every single aspirant, who reads articles and watches videos on YouTube, about, “Write a novel in 2 weeks, or 30 days,” or whatever the time may be, should bear in mind, it is not that easy. You don’t own a JK Rowling wand, that you’ll generate a story by a single swish and flick. Novels need time, they have a specific language, a formal set of words which aren’t used in our daily lives, their structure, flow, plot, etc. you have to vouch for them all. Not everyone has the mind so powerful, so to generate a whole new world and create characters.


A wanderer Walking through the stratums of incertitude Dubious of his destiny He keeps moving and going Life Like the thread on the ground Keeps twisting and turning Heads up Eyes straight He keeps pulling the thread Untwisting and unfolding And Straightening it up It’s what he is to do. It’s what the destiny wants …


The blogger is an aspiring writer and an author to be of an upcoming novel, “The Gratifying Nay.” He wishes to share his thoughts and views about the transforming world in his style with his audience.

He writes poetry, prose, fiction, and article and will share them on his blog. He is a former public speaker, with five national titles under his belt. He also served as the editor of his university’s magazine in his academic life.

He is a graduate in geology and has a keen interest in science, the origin of the universe, earth, life on earth, etc. He brings his understandings about nature in his excerpts and work.

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