I remember when I saw you, you were but another face of glamour that I see every single day of my life.

I didn’t know that behind that face, inside that body was concealed a soul, brighter than the brightest and lighter that the lightest.

But as the time passed, I saw the twin that I have always been looking for, inside you.

I found that you were I and I were you.

Your name sacred as the dust of Sina pulled me from the barren lands of nothingness and transgressed me to the state of infinity.

The state where there was no I and there was no you, but only us.


I am down

Burying beneath the burden of expectations

Drowning in the ocean of opinions

Fighting with the fear of a loss.

I am out

For every time you look at me

With those wide eyes,

Asking me to change

Telling me; I am a failure

That I can’t and I won’t.

You push me through the air

Thinking that I’ll fall

And I do fall.

But you don’t know

I am a fighter

The harder you push me

The stronger I stand.

For I am a Phoenix who

Doesn’t live at your standards

Your opinions, they don’t matter to me.

I may fail, I may fall

But I won’t quit.

I’ll keep going.

With every fall, I move my limbs

And one day! I will fly.

Your critiques make me stronger

Your taunts make me bolder

For I am not you; I am me.

And I am invincible.

Eccentric Times

In the silence of streets,

Which were filled with the children;

Dancing, running and jumping.

In the empty roads,

With a couple of motors running;

I am leaving you,

Oh my City.

There is a flood of emotions,

Flowing within the walls of my body;

Striking against my chest,

Trying to break the barrage.

I wish I could stay more.

I wish I could hold on.

Sit in my back yard where;

I used to hide, from everyone.

But the place which took me in its bosom,

Doesn’t enthralls me anymore.

It has been quite for so many years that,

Now it likes being that way;

Serene and silent and deserted.

In the long reticent roads of life,

Where did we leave our favorite turns?

We don’t know.

Somebody take me back;

To the streets full of children,

To the roads full of traffic,

In my backyard, where I could hide from the eccentricity of time.