A wound which inflicts through the chambers of heart, is very much different from that of a physical wound.
In physical injury, everyone knows that you are suffering from a pain. No matter what it is, there is a high chance of having a company with you at that time; to console you, to wish you better health, and to pray for a speedy recovery.
When a physical injury occurs, you can wash the wound, clean it and place a bandage. Though, it does pain for a few days, and in some cases, few months, but you always get recovered. There is always remain a glimpse of hope, to be the same again.
But the other wound; it breaks your soul, it tempers the mind, it disposes the body. You are walking, you are talking, even, you are laughing, but inside you are crying. No one sees, what is going inside your brain. All the battles that you fight in an ultimate war between hopelessness, despondency and wretchedness, are invisible to the world. Every second feels like a decade and every minute, a century. The pain and the agony of that wound, drenches you, deep in the depressions of disguise. No one consoles you, or wish you luck to come out of it. You can’t even wash your wound or clean that stain and there is no bandage to help it heal. A conglomerate of pessimism takes hold your body and soul.
Irony is, every singles time, you pass through such state, you never come out the same. A part of your natural self, dies. Each time you compromise, you lose a bit of your soul. In no time, you become a person that even you don’t know about. You look at your previous pictures, and rewind those memories in your mind, then you look in the mirror and see your current state and can’t help but wonder, “Is it really me?”
You isolate yourself, away from everyone and lose interest in all the things, you previously vouched for. All you want is to sit lonely in a dark room and do nothing; letting these evil thoughts, rot your brain. Even the people with strongest nerves, lose their mettle to this tumor. As a result, you start distancing yourself from the world, you try to find comfort in animals, sports, video games, comics, books, hence everything that helps you to avoid a crowd. In no time, an aura of distrust develops, and you stop trusting people, in fact, you start despising them. A lot people lose their conscious, and start doing drugs or drinking alcohol. For them the only peace comes from that drug, they inject in their veins. They become a psychopaths, walking on the roads of crime. They run after money, and think that it would provide them comfort. But it doesn’t. They go a step ahead, when everything becomes numb, they they fall in the deep slumbers; slumbers where after they never wake

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